Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Thoughts for Today

RESPECT is earned and not being imposed. 
I knew this. But if your not respecting me,  then i would definitely do the same to you. 

OUR attitude depends on how a person treat us, but please... Try to reflect on yourself. On what have you done and what you are continously doing.

I am not a born leader, but I have build my reputation as a true friend. I have friends to justify it anyway. (I can still think of a few that will understand me and will stand by me no matter how moody and how childish I maybe)

I will definitely not force someone to like me... I'm not that kind of person.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jillian @ 2 months

Time flies so quick... 

Jillian is already 2 months old and I'm bound to be back on my office desk in a few days...

I'll be missing our daily routines... 
The morning/afternoon/evening baths.
Our sleepless nights and afternoon nap time. 
Our baby talks... 
Her feeding time...

This cute little girl really is a life changing one. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ang Driver, Yaya at Mayordoma ng Senyorita

Ang drama ng buhay pag weekends... 

Jillian as Senyorita
Mami as Yaya
Dadi as Driver
Lola as Mayordoma

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dadi's new baby

My husband will surely kill me for posting this... 
I'm sorry Dadi-koi... I love you berimats...

Oh yes! My husband and I has a new baby a month after I gave birth to Jillian. 
And we name her Zoe...

As per my husband... Money is Sweet if Spent wisely... And I definitely agree!!! 
Now I am eager to save more and to work harder... 

Little by little and in God's time I know wishes and dreams do came true... 

I'm no longer afraid of his driving skills... 
And I have to take driving lessons as well... ;)

1 month

Ambilis ng panahon 1month na si baby jillian and I am recovered well from the operation. I can never be this happy...

We love you baby...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Is where the heart is... 

Husband and Wife differs from Being a Father and a Mother... 
Now there is Jillian... Who'll rely on us most of the time... I want to cherish this moment... 

Thank you dadi jep, for being supportive of us. For being a good provider... 
I love you more everyday... 
We love you forever! *kisses*

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Delivery Day

May 22, 2013

As advised by my OB we went to the hospital at 10am in the morning. I tried to relax my self and lift everything to God... All i can wish for is to Deliver the baby safely. 

I prefer CS over induced labor... Nangonti na ang panubigan ko... 

At the hospital my husband accomplished some forms for me, then I signed it. The nurses took my vitals and baby's heartbeat.

At 10:30am we are on my private room waiting for transfer to Operating Room. No more food intake as per the attending nurse... Even water... 

@11:00am they put on the IV. 
@12:30pm they transfer me to the operating room. My husband and my Mom walk with me and kiss me before I enter the OR. The nurse and midwife had me lie down on the operating bed/table... 
I was praying all the time... 

Then the anesthesiologist came... Then the pedia... Then I saw my OB before all became blurry and I somehow fall asleep but half awake... I can't feel my whole body except that I can twist and turn my head left-right, right-left... I know that they are operating on me... Everything else are bits of pieces... I can hear them talking...

@1pm the operation started. 
When I heard my baby cries I started to look for her, The anesthesiologist told me that I have given birth to my daughter... 

Just before I fall asleep I hear the Pedia talked to me and said that my baby is fine and is 2900grms. 

I was relieved... She's fine... And they are closing me... I can hear the nurses counting the operating room materials, cotton... etc... 

The next thing I new was that they are about to transfer me to my room...
But before I leave the OR the midwife shows me my daughter... i had a glimpse of her for the first time... 

Then I fall asleep...


I will be forever grateful and thankful to my ever supportive and loving husband...
To my mother and my brother noy, who was there for us... 

I appreciate my mother more!  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Week 39

Went to my OB as per advised last saturday... My OB checked me and my baby via ultrasound. As per her baby is still ok good heartbeat but my amniotic fluid is already low but within range. I'm 2cm dilated but not yet in labor... 

She told me that she will induced labor tomorrow. Sa ayaw at sa gusto ko papaanakin na nya ako bukas... 
She gave me all the possible options but induced labor is still trial and error... 
I'm afraid that prolonged labor may stressed my baby so I'm kinda decided to have a C-Session. Baby weigh about 3.5 kilo and that adds up to my worry, with my build I'm afraid I doubt my self if I can still deliver her normally... 

As of this writing I am collecting all my thoughts and hopes for my baby... 
Gathering all the strength and courage that I need... We can do this!

I surrender everything to the Lord and He may guide and protect me all throughout... 

Tomorrow is D-Day. And I'm looking forward to have an entry about it... ;)

One thing I know for sure... Every pregnancy is different... 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 38

One of the loooonnnngggg week of my life... 

I can't wait to deliver my baby...

Last May 18, as per the doctor I am already 1cm open and if baby is not yet delivered within the next dew days she advise me to have a follow up check up on Tuesday, May 21, I'll be exactly 39 weeks by then... Oooppsss bukas na pala yun... Gggrr. 

Spend of this week walking... Walking... And walking... 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Week 35 - 37

So near yet so far... 

Started to work from home since May 2. 
Hubby and I decided that I should stay at their place while waiting for our D-Day. 

I miss my work place. And I wanted to give birth already... In short... Nakakainip! 

I'll be seeing my OB once every week since we're nearing the due date. 

I'm thankful for my understanding boss...
And for my supportive officemates. 

I'm also thankful for my super bait na inlaws... 

And ofcourse super uber thankful for my friends... Always there and guiding me every step of the way throughout my pregnancy... From Shopping List for baby up to packing my Hospital Bag... 

Lastly to my Loving Husband... Who loves me even at my worst... Thank You and I love you always... 
Love ko kayo ni baby girl... And most portant person(s) in my life... 
Thank you for everything... 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 33

Started to complete our shopping list in prep for baby girls arrival.
Konti na lang.

I'll make a separate entry for the Shopping List/Essentials.

*Tamad mode on*

Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 32

As I enter 8months and after a series of test... I am excited to see our baby girl... and I am so proud and happy to find out that she's well.

Baby Girl in 3D
We Love You so much

Baby kicks are getting painful sometimes but it gives joy and happiness I can't explain...
I have this habit of putting my husbands hand to my tummy every time I feel that our little one is about to kick/move. I love to share the Joy with my husband. We talked to her and told every now and then that we love her... One of the most priceless memories I will forever cherish... Soon we'll be three... Soon we'll be a family...

We started to buy things for baby... and after so many discussions and research, AVENT it is. :) AVENT ang feeding bottle ni baby at Looney Tunes ang Theme ng kanyang newborn wardrobe. :) I am thankful for my friends and sissy who shares their baby essentials list to me... :) We're getting ready.

my Crib-speration

Week 31

Related to my post pregnancy worries I've been diagnosed with Beta-Thalessemia Minor.
Forget na about my Gestational Diabetes since after my HBA1C test was normal... Scheduled visit to the Dietitian was also cancelled. But it was noted on the recent blood test that I had an elevated HbA2 witj HbF, and is Suggestive of Beta-Thalassemia Trait, I was then referred to a Hematologist for work up.
Luckily I opt to visit our Company OB and Doctor for second opinion... They accommodate me even though I am pregnant (company policy is that any pregnancy related concern is not covered with our health insurance). The doctor explain to me that the blood disorder found in me is in-fact my blood and not the baby's so she refer me to a hematologist. I had CBC before I see the hematologist.

After a series of blood extraction
As per the series of another blood test... the hematologist explain my case to me further, that the disorder was genetics and it is a 'minor' (Thank God) but I may still need to have a blood transfusion prior to delivery since my Hemoglobin Count is way too low. mine is only 8.5 (the average is 12-16 for women) and in all cases of pregnancy the hemoglobin count usually drops but at least 10. She advised me with medicine and that even though I am anemic (due to the beta-thalessemia minor) I do not need to increase my Iron supplement is Iron in my blood is suffice (as per another blood test).

I'll be having another CBC test a month before my delivery and I still have to see her so that she can have notes for my OB.

As of now I am taking my Meds as prescribed, and lifting everything to God that everything will be ok.

I found this and transfer my notes from my phone to this journal
As per my Baby Girl. She's fine, though I was advised to drink plenty of water...
I was exited to see her in an ultrasound session so I asked my husband if she can accompany me during BPS (bio physical score), since I have this beta-thalessemia thing my OB advised to undergo the test to make sure that baby is OK.

Week 16-28 (late publish)

March 5, 2013 Marks my 28 weeks.

Feb 20, 2013, my last visit with my OB. The result of my HBA1C, says it is normal and I no longer need to see the Dietitian, as per my OB. but it shows that I have Beta-thalassemia and she advised me to see a hematologist. I was soo dismayed because of that and somehow happy to find out that my blood sugar was ok/normal. I just have to be careful with my sugar/carbo intake.

Feb 21, 2013 I seek help with our company OB and Doctor (for second opinion) since Beta-thalessemia is found in my blood and not with the baby, but there are risk that I may give her the same blood disorder since I am a carrier. The Company Doctor advised me to have a CBC before she refer me to a hematologist.
And up to now I haven't take the blood test yet (my bad). I was scheduled last Feb 25 (I'm 1 week over due). I'm afraid that they might find out another disorder or something. I just want to know if my baby is safe and healthy.

Baby kicks reminds me that I am not alone. I feel soo happy everytime I feel her. I can look at my tummy for hours and wait for that kick. Oh I love my daughter.

All I wanted is for my baby to be safe, and be healthy. That is what I am always praying... I cannot ask for more... :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week 29-30

Memories are priceless
The picture above was taken last weekend, another staycation for us. But the time spend together are always the best! :) Popsicle to ease the summer heat!

Tummy Picture @ 30weeks

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pregnancy Worries

Placenta Previa
I've been diagnose during my last ultrasound, during my 21 weeks, to be having this kind of abnormalities.
As per my doctor I can't be tired, less stress and extra careful. No more long walk, though I really gets easily tired of walking now a days as I have mentioned in my previous entry. I was just kinda hoping that the placenta position will be corrected as baby grows. But more the less I'll be having a caesarean section during my delivery. Ugh!

Gestational Diabetes
This was just clear yesterday when I visit my OB, my GTT result was high and she advised me to take another test, HBA1C, as per the nurse it is blood test to check my average sugar for the past three months.
Then I have to see a dietitian to control my glucose. She then advise me to set an appointment with some doctor. I was asking her what else can I eat then? Ang onti ko na nga lang kumain tapos bawal na ang fruits.
No more colored drinks, water na lang always, no more extra rice, as much as possible 1 cup of rice na lang always hanggat hindi ko na meet yung dietitian. She agreed with oatmeal and milk. Then I have to stop drinking anmum. (I make it as a substitute pa naman to coffee).
She also advised me to monitors baby's movement 3 times a day, and I have to take BPS/BPP (Biophysical Profile Screening) every 2 weeks.

Pregnancy is a fun and happy moments for a woman, I should enjoy this given the above situation...
I lift everything to God... His guidance is all I need. To God be the Glory.
Aja! Kaya natin 'to baby girl... We're excited to see you. We love you. Anything for you baby...

Friday, February 15, 2013

Week 25

Yesterday was valentine's day and everyone seems soo looved... With flowers and chocolate all other the place even in the cyberspace...

Oh well we're no ordinary couple...
My husband gave me two box of ANMUM and my vitamin supplies...

I love you dadi-ko. And thanks for not giving me chocolates this time...
Since my GTT result is high! I'm afraid I'm having gestational diabetes... I'll make this clear with my OB and I will carefully listen to her instructions...

Fear & excitement is here... 1 more trimester to go baby girl!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Week 24

Sharing this picture...
I'll be having my GTT test again tomorrow. Good luck na lang sakin... ^_^

Friday, February 1, 2013


According to Google:
Mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.
comradeship - fellowship - companionship - friendship


I'm thankful I have friends at work and outside the work office. Friends that you may not often see but you know for sure you have them ALWAYS.

Thank you guys! For lending your hand to me. And for helping out a pregnant woman. You all are a gentleman/woman ^_^


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week 23

Emotional. I am beginning to be. My mood swings and I am not happy about it. One of my friend tell me to think of happy thoughts for my baby's sake.

Rashes. I have some in my tummy, I just noticed them two days ago, I stop using the tummy butter, but they says it is normal to have rashes specially during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. I'll just moisturize my tummy. Urgh!

Alone.  Most of the time I am. At work, I am sitting at a corner where all I can see are cisco boxes and the wall in front of me. I feel sleepy every time I am at my work area, so I must keep my self busy at all times. I played music all of the time... BACH Orchestra is currently playing. Contrary on being alone, my baby kicks and remind me that I am not. Thank you baby! Mami loves you very much.

Work. I am still working and planning to work up until Mid of May. It exhaust me sometimes but I am glad I can still accomplish things, and I am happy about it. I am an expectant mom but I am also a career/technical woman. Haha.

Cisco. My Certification will expire by April and I don't have the luxury to study. I'm thinking of focusing in different area. Or maybe I'll re-take the CCNA exam if given the chance.

Friends. I miss them so much, the sleepless nights of talking. Catching up over coffee or 2 bottles perhaps.Sigh!

Parenthood. Soon we'll be and I am somehow scared. Can I be a good mom to my child. I'll try my very best to be. That's the plan.

Attitude. This is what matters the most. POSITIVITY! 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 22

Baby kicks! Napapadalas na ang kanyang movements recently. And just last Friday (Jan 25) nakita ko na gumalaw ang aking belly... Hindi lang napapadalas ang baby kicks... napapalakas na rin ito. And last Saturday night first time ni Dadi Jep na ma-feel ang baby kick when I placed his hand sa ibabaw ng aking tummy...
Nakakatuwa lang... ^_^

Yesterday, we went to the mall... Yes! sa wakas nakapag mall rin ako though I get too tired easily (pansin ko lang) every now and then I am looking for chair to sit in. :) We scout for some baby crib and baby stuff but we did not buy any, window shopping muna.

As early as now ang dami ng sponsors ng gamit ni Bebe Girl. *tenchu* (you know who you are)

I'm 22weeks and 6days today. Hooray!

Parang ambilis na lumaki ni baby! :)

Currently I'm taking 3 meds/supplement a day. OBMax for my Multivatamins, Calciumade for Calcium Supplement and TriHEMIC for Iron Supplement.
Tiis-tiis lang ang dram while taking the meds.... T_T *para kay bebe girl... kelangan ko sila lahat inumin*

Monday, January 21, 2013

Great Finds

iPhone White Casing and Holder, Bag Organizer
Tummy Butter, Celeteque Facial wash and moisturizer
Yes they are!

I sooo loved this white casing for our phones and the holder is so useful. we bought the case for 88 pesos and the holder for 66 pesos at Japan Store ang mura diba?

Palmer's Tummy Butter for 350 pesos. For my tummy to avoid Stretch Marks during and after pregnancy.

Celeteque Facial Wash and Moisturizer that we found on Mercury Drug Store while I'm buying my vitamins.
I switch from Cetaphil to this. also non-hypo allergenic and so far ok naman cyang gamitin. My husband used it too. :) hehe

The Bag Organizer is from Storage Solutions for 260 pesos (from 280 pesos nakatawad pa ako). Made of light weight material and doesn't add up to your bags weight...

No more messy things inside my bag. I actually bought this kasi I'm tired of the many 'mini' pouch that I used to hold my Stuff. and to protect my bag also, since white ang inside ng bag that I usually use for work.

More Closer look at the Bag Organizer

Before and After 

Thank you Cash and Carry... buti na lang malapit ka sa bahay namin... ^_^


I never get used to surprises... but every woman, I think, loved them and I sooo love every time my husband surprises me...

Last Friday night, my husband grant one of my wish (I actually made a wish list that I posted on our refrigerator door to remind him what are the things and hope I wish to receive from Santa during the last Christmas ^_^).

I wasn't expecting that I would still be receiving gifts since Christmas Season is over. Chos!

The funny part is that I wasn't able to notice his surprise when I open my closet (ako na malabo ang mata).
When I closed the closet he mumbled. I don't know what he meant by that, I thought I ruined my closet by pulling my clothes. then I opened it again and found an iPAD mini with a note on it saying: "TO: BEBE GIRL LOVE U, DADI"... I was surprised literally, and can't believe it, I was in tears when I approach him and says how surprise and happy I am.

I never thought that I will be surprise like that again, I am not that material type of girl/wife, but the fact that he put so much effort to surprise me is what I love the most.

dadi's note, my reaction and the box ^_^

To my Husband, sorry if I blogged about this, But I am just one happy wifey here! :) i love you! I'll store tons of baby stuff in here for our BEBE GIRL. :) Oh! by the way, thank you for being my number 1 reader... :) muah!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Week 21

Congenital Scan. Scary as it sounds but it's not. 21 weeks and I was asked by OB to take the Congenital Scan and Urine Test before I see her a month after my last check up (Dec. 17, 2012). As per some of my office mates it was too early yet to take it and I maybe even asked to repeat the test during the 7th month. But I don't mind really... Taking the test will makes me feel at ease and making sure that my baby is doing fine is what's matter the most.

Had my Congenital Scan for my baby today. Luckily my husband was able to view and hear our baby for the second time (the first one was during the first ultrasound). I wanted him to be there and share the memories/experience together. We're happy to find out that there are no Physical Anomalies found, and that our baby is growing normal. We also found what we're having... and we're happy about it. :)
I'll be seeing my OB tomorrow with this result and with the result of my urine test (that I will get tomorrow).

As per the results: (sinisipag mag type ang blogger)

Congenital Anomaly Scan: Shows an intact cranium and intracranial structures. Nuchal fold not thicked. Normal facial features with intact lips and palate. Intact spines with no neck masses. Normal 4 chamber heart view. Normal outflow tracts and 3 vessels and trachea view. Intact diaphragm. Stomach bubble to the left and below the heart and diaphragm. 3 vessel cord with intact cord insertion. Normal kidneys and fluid filled bladder. Extremities complete and well aligned.

Impression: Single live intrauterine pregnancy 20w6d by composite aging in cephalic presentation with good cardiac and somatic activities. placenta anterior grade 1 totally covering the OS. Normohydramnios. Sonographic estimated fetal weight is appropriate for gestational age. No gross deformities noted.

Say Hello to our precious one... 

It's a Girl
Oh yes! We're having a GIRL... and I quote the OB "walang lawit, hiwa lang" :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Week 19 - 20: Halfway There!

Happy New Year!

My first entry for the year 2013... Hooray!

Q: Did you know that the blogger/wife/mom-to-be  just add a year to her age just before the new year?

TOP: Me, Tatay, Ann, Nanay, Noy and Cadong
BOTTOM: Dadi Jep, Me and Baby (via Ultrasound)
As we welcome 2013, I feel so blessed and lucky to celebrate it with complete family, it's been a while... and yes, the drama and the hugging and the tears will always be there! Oh well, it is not a family reunion without a little drama.

We do not have the perfect family but I'm happy with it, they made me stronger and made me who I am today. It made me appreciate life and love.

I wrote each one of them a letter (except for Dadi and Baby) stating my hopes and dreams for them. We may not have an extravagant celebration, but a complete family is enough, I just hope this will last forever... a lifetime...

Recent Picture ^_^

Today (01.09.13)  as per Baby Center Apps: Congratulations! You've hit the halfway mark in your pregnancy. 

I feel more energetic and less of the morning sickness, minsan nakakalimutan ko na preggy pala ako especially if I'm too occupied with my work. 
Baby Kicks are here and I'm feeling it. Minsan na co-confuse ako if it is just an upset stomach or if it is my baby's kick. :)
Kakaibang experience pala ang maramdaman ang unang movement ni baby inside my belly. Feeling ko he/she is joining my conversation with his/her father. :) 

We do not know the gender of our baby yet but I'm schedule to have my Congenital Scan/Ultrasound on the 17th of January... I'm sooooo excited... Hopefully the test will turn out great.  we wanted to know if everything is fine and wanted to find out if baby is a Girl or a Boy... We've been playing with names lately and we haven't decided yet, to what letter the name will start. hehehe. We want our baby's name to be simple... Kasi ayaw namin cya mahirapan mag sulat ng name nya pag nag-aaral na siya. hahaha.

Thank God for all the Blessings and 
for all the wonderful gifts (in all forms)
Happy 2013 Everyone!