Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Today I will write something about my favorite shoes... I always have a difficult time finding the right shoes for me because of my size... And when I found one I normally stick to it. 

I found them one time while roaming around The Ramp Glorietta and I somewhat like the idea of foldable flats. I have a few but it is not as comfortable as this one. 

I triend it... Fell inlove with it... Then the rest is history. 

PoshPocketShoes are the one for me. 

I never have to worry for that extra space in my shoe rack because it is foldable... There's always room for more... And I just love it. 😘😘😘 

I normally post a snap shot of my feet and my shoes in instagram... Shoe selfie it is... And here are some...

Happy Puso (late post)

He just got me! Found another surprise from my closet. 

... Buti hindi nilanggam

Happy Vday!

Surprises version 2

In relation to my post last year... I got another surprise this year

Sunday, April 27

Jep and I went to the mall last Sunday and to my dismay... lahat ng gusto ko wala!
So I ended up going home with nothing....

Monday, April 28

I told him that I will go out with friends for dinner, and we'll see each other at home.
He's quite late, he told me that he's still finishing up something... When he arrives he handed over his food so that I can prepare it for him. When I turn around, he had this Lacoste Paper Bag.. I knew it! Yun yung hinahanap ko na bag! I was soo excited I unpacked it... Then I saw another bag beside him... a Sperry paper bag... It feels like Christmas!!! 

I'm so happy.... I love it! and I appreciate all the effort... I am one spoiled wifey.

Lacoste Tote and Sperry Top-Sider
He just knows how to put smiles on my face. Feeling ko para akong bata habang sinusukat ang aking sapatos.

FYI. mahirap kasi akong hanapan ng shoes dahil sa aking napaka pihikang paa... kaya nga ang motto ko... if the shoes fits... buy it... then wear them happily. ^_^

Friday, April 4, 2014

Isang Silip sa Loob ng Bayong

1. Bvlgari Crystalline 
     I am soo inlove with this scent. 
2. Coach MakeUp Pouch
     Inside includes my eyebrow pencil, bbcream, blush on, lipsticks, tweezer, nail cutter and pressed powder. Plus meds & omega pain killer that really comes handy at times.
3. Eye Glases
     If my eyes are tired with the contacts I can always wear them...
4. All comfort formula
     To give comfort all day long. 
5. Headset
     For my music & for long conversation over the phone. Plus if I don't want to be disturb. 
6. Hanky
     That left unused at the end of the day... 
7. Wallet
     I need this to hold up my cash, cards and other important small papers. ^_^
8. Wafu
     Because I need energy at times... 

Items not in the picture: iphone5, charger & pen