Friday, April 4, 2014

Isang Silip sa Loob ng Bayong

1. Bvlgari Crystalline 
     I am soo inlove with this scent. 
2. Coach MakeUp Pouch
     Inside includes my eyebrow pencil, bbcream, blush on, lipsticks, tweezer, nail cutter and pressed powder. Plus meds & omega pain killer that really comes handy at times.
3. Eye Glases
     If my eyes are tired with the contacts I can always wear them...
4. All comfort formula
     To give comfort all day long. 
5. Headset
     For my music & for long conversation over the phone. Plus if I don't want to be disturb. 
6. Hanky
     That left unused at the end of the day... 
7. Wallet
     I need this to hold up my cash, cards and other important small papers. ^_^
8. Wafu
     Because I need energy at times... 

Items not in the picture: iphone5, charger & pen

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