Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Today I will write something about my favorite shoes... I always have a difficult time finding the right shoes for me because of my size... And when I found one I normally stick to it. 

I found them one time while roaming around The Ramp Glorietta and I somewhat like the idea of foldable flats. I have a few but it is not as comfortable as this one. 

I triend it... Fell inlove with it... Then the rest is history. 

PoshPocketShoes are the one for me. 

I never have to worry for that extra space in my shoe rack because it is foldable... There's always room for more... And I just love it. 😘😘😘 

I normally post a snap shot of my feet and my shoes in instagram... Shoe selfie it is... And here are some...

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