Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I want to keep my faith... and keep on believing that in time, hubby and I will have our own...
Last Monday, I saw this on my things when I was cleaning the house, I was supposed to give it to my niece, but I opt to keep it... I find it so pretty and I want my future baby to have it...

kaya lang pang girl lang siya.... panu kung boy ang magiging baby namin... haha.. :)

Friday, July 15, 2011


Today is supposed to be our 11th anniversary (as BF-GF) if we're not yet married

I can clearly remember what happen that night, eleven years ago, during one of our friends 18th Birthday... Oh! the flowers.... How I love those flowers... flowers na akala ko ay para sa debutant... but it turns out to be mine...

Jep and I are good friends... We never imagine that we'll last this long and we're thankful that we did find one another...

Only few knows our love story.. but it was never a secret to our College friends... I can't thank them enough (our friends) for their collaboration... and for keeping the plan secret to me...

I was thankful that I attended that nights event... I can't think of the possibilities that might happen if I'm not able to... Maybe I would not be this happy... Maybe I became different person...

I'm thankful for my ex-BF, now, My Husband, for accepting me and my family. For being always there for me... For the friendship and for the memories, good or bad. For the Love and Care.. Your my everything!

As the music says...

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I love You Dadi! ;)


Picture Taken Yesterday

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I'm so into you!

Here are some pictures that I have taken so far...

Jep and I's wedding

Oh I love F21!

Ann's post Board Exam Celebration

My Cousin Angel in her Curly Hair

My Partner Gerri trying a Boots!

Oh how I love Shoes so much!

Jep and I's Dinner last night.
What is in front of me right now...