Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week 14

Spent most of the days sleeping, resting, watching tv/movie, eating and taking my meds.

I noticed that my headache is subsidding, hindi na cya kasing OA like the past few weeks/months of my first trimester.

Thank God that my baby is safe.

And Thank God for my wonderful husband who never gets tired of fullfilling my cravings.... ^_^ and for taking care of me.

I will be forever grateful that I have my supportive husband with me.

I'll be seeing my OB this saturday and I hope she'll let me go to work again...

Oh! November you're so over... And I'm saying hello to second trimester...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Week 12-13

Woke up with spotting and blood clot discharge when taking a shower... It made me alarn and decided to go to my OB before I go to work.

My OB instructed me to have a urinalysis and tvu with complete details.

I was teary eyed all the time. The thought that I might loose my baby is not good.

On my ultrasoubd i saw my baby for the first time in his human form... I saw the head, the arms and the the legs. I saw him/ her moving and hear his/her heartbeat... I was crying. I can't believe that a miracle is really happening inside my womb.

When I went back to my OB she did another heartbeat test using doppler, check my discharge and told me that she wants me to be admitted for total bedrest for two days... I don't hesitate since I will drop anything for the sake of my baby...

My OB instructed me to go to the maternity and advice to look for Dra Jam. She accomodate me. After some paper work I find my self lying on the HighRisk Room and given an IV, first time ko ma admit sa hospital and I was kinda worried and afraid... Of everything... I call my husband since I need him to do some arrangement with the hospital for my admission. I called my mom if she can accompany me. Since I know my husband has to work.

After staying for 2hrs in HR2 and after all the interview and test all over... they are ready to transfer me into my room, where my husband is waiting...

Oh by the way the doctors diagnosis... Induced abortion... Like... What???

Hopefully all will turn out great...
I'll lift everything to GOD. And may His will be done.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Week 10-11

Today baby turn 11weeks inside me. I can’t wait for my next ultrasound.
I'm so excited toknow his/her developments.
I just got my GTTresult and hopefully I am not diabetic.
My appetite isstarting to get normal and I switched from OBSmart to OBMax.
Thankfully no moregigantic med for me.

I'll be seeing my OBtomorrow or if not on Saturday.
I'm used to wearingjeans but I'm started to get irritated with it.
Feeling ko lagingnaiipit yung puson ko, kasi most of my pants are hipster.
I should startinvesting clothes and jeans for my bigger tummy soon!

I'm quite not suekung anong pinag lilihihan ko.
But one thing iscertain, I'm having headaches everyday!