Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 33

Started to complete our shopping list in prep for baby girls arrival.
Konti na lang.

I'll make a separate entry for the Shopping List/Essentials.

*Tamad mode on*

Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 32

As I enter 8months and after a series of test... I am excited to see our baby girl... and I am so proud and happy to find out that she's well.

Baby Girl in 3D
We Love You so much

Baby kicks are getting painful sometimes but it gives joy and happiness I can't explain...
I have this habit of putting my husbands hand to my tummy every time I feel that our little one is about to kick/move. I love to share the Joy with my husband. We talked to her and told every now and then that we love her... One of the most priceless memories I will forever cherish... Soon we'll be three... Soon we'll be a family...

We started to buy things for baby... and after so many discussions and research, AVENT it is. :) AVENT ang feeding bottle ni baby at Looney Tunes ang Theme ng kanyang newborn wardrobe. :) I am thankful for my friends and sissy who shares their baby essentials list to me... :) We're getting ready.

my Crib-speration

Week 31

Related to my post pregnancy worries I've been diagnosed with Beta-Thalessemia Minor.
Forget na about my Gestational Diabetes since after my HBA1C test was normal... Scheduled visit to the Dietitian was also cancelled. But it was noted on the recent blood test that I had an elevated HbA2 witj HbF, and is Suggestive of Beta-Thalassemia Trait, I was then referred to a Hematologist for work up.
Luckily I opt to visit our Company OB and Doctor for second opinion... They accommodate me even though I am pregnant (company policy is that any pregnancy related concern is not covered with our health insurance). The doctor explain to me that the blood disorder found in me is in-fact my blood and not the baby's so she refer me to a hematologist. I had CBC before I see the hematologist.

After a series of blood extraction
As per the series of another blood test... the hematologist explain my case to me further, that the disorder was genetics and it is a 'minor' (Thank God) but I may still need to have a blood transfusion prior to delivery since my Hemoglobin Count is way too low. mine is only 8.5 (the average is 12-16 for women) and in all cases of pregnancy the hemoglobin count usually drops but at least 10. She advised me with medicine and that even though I am anemic (due to the beta-thalessemia minor) I do not need to increase my Iron supplement is Iron in my blood is suffice (as per another blood test).

I'll be having another CBC test a month before my delivery and I still have to see her so that she can have notes for my OB.

As of now I am taking my Meds as prescribed, and lifting everything to God that everything will be ok.

I found this and transfer my notes from my phone to this journal
As per my Baby Girl. She's fine, though I was advised to drink plenty of water...
I was exited to see her in an ultrasound session so I asked my husband if she can accompany me during BPS (bio physical score), since I have this beta-thalessemia thing my OB advised to undergo the test to make sure that baby is OK.

Week 16-28 (late publish)

March 5, 2013 Marks my 28 weeks.

Feb 20, 2013, my last visit with my OB. The result of my HBA1C, says it is normal and I no longer need to see the Dietitian, as per my OB. but it shows that I have Beta-thalassemia and she advised me to see a hematologist. I was soo dismayed because of that and somehow happy to find out that my blood sugar was ok/normal. I just have to be careful with my sugar/carbo intake.

Feb 21, 2013 I seek help with our company OB and Doctor (for second opinion) since Beta-thalessemia is found in my blood and not with the baby, but there are risk that I may give her the same blood disorder since I am a carrier. The Company Doctor advised me to have a CBC before she refer me to a hematologist.
And up to now I haven't take the blood test yet (my bad). I was scheduled last Feb 25 (I'm 1 week over due). I'm afraid that they might find out another disorder or something. I just want to know if my baby is safe and healthy.

Baby kicks reminds me that I am not alone. I feel soo happy everytime I feel her. I can look at my tummy for hours and wait for that kick. Oh I love my daughter.

All I wanted is for my baby to be safe, and be healthy. That is what I am always praying... I cannot ask for more... :)