Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 32

As I enter 8months and after a series of test... I am excited to see our baby girl... and I am so proud and happy to find out that she's well.

Baby Girl in 3D
We Love You so much

Baby kicks are getting painful sometimes but it gives joy and happiness I can't explain...
I have this habit of putting my husbands hand to my tummy every time I feel that our little one is about to kick/move. I love to share the Joy with my husband. We talked to her and told every now and then that we love her... One of the most priceless memories I will forever cherish... Soon we'll be three... Soon we'll be a family...

We started to buy things for baby... and after so many discussions and research, AVENT it is. :) AVENT ang feeding bottle ni baby at Looney Tunes ang Theme ng kanyang newborn wardrobe. :) I am thankful for my friends and sissy who shares their baby essentials list to me... :) We're getting ready.

my Crib-speration

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