Monday, May 2, 2011

Fun Familia: 4 vs 1

Started on 2007, Jep and I enjoyed Smart's Fun Familia every year... 
Single Employee are entitled for 3 Tickets, Married had 4. *_*

2007: EK with Sikolet and Basuraman, 

2008: 8 Waves with Sikolet and Basuraman, Monty and Tata

 2009: EK with Basuraman, Monty and Elmer
(ang mga panahong kaladkarin pa si Monty)

EK without Sikolet makes me one of the Boyz... (i miss my sis) *sigh*

2010: EK with my Family (Ann, Noy, Nay, Janno and Dadi)
Since Basuraman is not having the same date as I was, I bring along my family on the 4th year. It was Noy-Noy and Nanay's first EK experience so we're kinda excited. :)

2011: EK with Mariano's + Basuraman

We're lucky to have Basuraman with us,
and he gave us a spare ticket... :) 
It was Tita Len, Tito Richard, and Angel's first time... Sad to say our nurse Ann and Janno can't make it due to review sessions.

In Summary, 4 vs 1, 4 EK versus 1 8waves so far...
I wonder what will happen next year, we will definitely miss Basuraman...

College Days

And today I reminisce what we looked like 7 years ago... :) 
Salamat at na-usuhan si Basuraman ng Digital Camera... :)

Though parted by distance, 
we know for sure that we have friends.
And It is really wonderful to know 
that we are being surrounded by Good'Ol friends...

Beside Engineering Building

Heroes Park

kahit nakatayo ako parang nakaupo pa rin!

Grabe ang papayat pa namin!

Mga natipus look! ^_^

make-up courtesy of 'ate boleng'

with atta-girls...
Bloggers with Kuting (inosente look)
 L to R kuting, emdee, android enteng, nafa and sikolet

kaka-miss! :)

P.S. eto rin ang araw na kami ni Sikolet ay tumakbo para ma-pektyuran ang aming idol na nabanggit ko sa dati kong entry.... 

ang resulta ng aming pag takbo! *starstruck* haha.