Monday, May 2, 2011

Fun Familia: 4 vs 1

Started on 2007, Jep and I enjoyed Smart's Fun Familia every year... 
Single Employee are entitled for 3 Tickets, Married had 4. *_*

2007: EK with Sikolet and Basuraman, 

2008: 8 Waves with Sikolet and Basuraman, Monty and Tata

 2009: EK with Basuraman, Monty and Elmer
(ang mga panahong kaladkarin pa si Monty)

EK without Sikolet makes me one of the Boyz... (i miss my sis) *sigh*

2010: EK with my Family (Ann, Noy, Nay, Janno and Dadi)
Since Basuraman is not having the same date as I was, I bring along my family on the 4th year. It was Noy-Noy and Nanay's first EK experience so we're kinda excited. :)

2011: EK with Mariano's + Basuraman

We're lucky to have Basuraman with us,
and he gave us a spare ticket... :) 
It was Tita Len, Tito Richard, and Angel's first time... Sad to say our nurse Ann and Janno can't make it due to review sessions.

In Summary, 4 vs 1, 4 EK versus 1 8waves so far...
I wonder what will happen next year, we will definitely miss Basuraman...

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