Friday, June 3, 2011

June Bride

June... ang month kung saan maraming nag papakasal... June Bride ika nga. :)
Me and hubby just watched a documentary last night about getting married, and being married.  A TV show aired at GMA News TV. :) (i just can't find a link)

It tackles issue on how much will it cost you if you get married... from 100,000 - 5Million petot they say, depende sa kung gano ka simple or ka-bongga ang kasal.

What are the things that you need to prepare? Like the venue, the reception and the gown... etc...

It also says that not all marriage last forever, so it discuss the issue of RH Bill, Divorce and Annulment.
Pilipinas na lang ata ang walang Divorce, then here comes the Church... ofcourse indi sila pabor dito, tulad ng pag tututol sa RH Bill.

Annulment process will cost 400,000 petot and up! Oh my Gulay!  (sarap pa lang maging abogado haha.)
Nasabi ko tuloy sa aking asawa na wag kaming mag hihiwalay dahil magastos pala! ahhaha.

Sabi tuloy marami sa Pilipino ang pinipili na lang na wag na mag pakasal, pero nag sasama, dahil sa hindi nila kaya ang gastos ng pag papakasal. At lalong hindi nila kaya ang gastos sa pag sasawalang bisa ng kasal.  
E naman hindi naman trial and error ang pag papakasal or pag hahanap ng kasama sa buhay... Dapat lang na sigurado ka sa taong papakasalan at pipiliing mahalin habang buhay. Pero alam ko na maraming pwedeng mangyari thru time, kaya i suggest kelangan ang mag kabiyak ay hindi lang mag asawa, kundi dapat ay may malalim na pag kakaibigan...

But the good thing,  that I even wrote on a paper while watching, is the advise of a two married couple that will be celebrating their Golden Anniversary soon...
They said that there are 5 Test for a Couple, and they are the following:

 Can you love each other for how long? How long can you hold on to this relationship? 1 hour? 1 month? 1 year? 

 If you are separated, do you miss each other?

Give each other freedom, freedom to do anything that each of you want to do.

Ask your self if am I worthy of him/her? 
Not Is she/he worthy of me?
By this, both of you will grow.
Are you willing to give up something for the sake of the other? Are you even willing to sacrfice your life for him/her

Along the program they said, it is really not how bongga' your wedding was. Sabi nga...
The MARRIAGE is most important than the Wedding.

*Be In-Love Always*

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