Monday, June 13, 2011

Nood + Basa Week End

XMEN: First Class
Yes it is!
Last saturday (June 11), dadi and I went to see XMEN: First Class

The movie was great!

Definitely I want to see more!!!

We go window shopping right after. I don't know but for some reason I ended up buying Meiji Chocolates! Original, Black and Strawberry flavor...

We also bring home some Bob Ong books..
Yah, bob ong books. I admit, we're not really a fan of him but due to a documentary recently... "sino nga ba si Bob Ong?" na curious na ako...
I grab ABNKKBSNPLAko?! and Stainless Longganisa

That night, I started reading the first one and finished it the next morning.
Basa marathon! And I laughed most of the time...
At sobrang naalala ko yung time when I was still at school. (mula kinder hanggang college)
And I promise myself that 'Noy' (my little brother) should read this!

Now i am currently reading Stainless Longganisa... *_*

Sunday, june 12, happy independence day pilipins!

NOW we went out to see KUNG FU Panda 2 with one of our housemates... 
To our surprise, he pay for our ticket!
Sarap ng libre...3D pa! Yeah!
* super thank you Jestoni*  ^_^

Inner Peace... Inner Peace... :)

After the movie we meet Elmer and Ivy, then the five of us again availed the Chicken-all-you-want (anniversary promo ng MAX's)... It was kinda our tradition... Next year ulit! We take a tea as soon we got home! Good luck naman sa diet ko! Hahahaha...
Our weekend full of movie, reading, sleeping and eating...
That's what you call... 
Eat... Play (Read and Watch a Movie)... Love...

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