Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Better Late than Never

Oo nga naman... 

Mother's day presents. Why not? 
Kamusta naman ang wrapping talent ng mister ko? Hehe. 😘 i love you dadi. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015


I am so thankful to one my office mate who introduce me to Stock Market years ago.
I have experience lots of things. The market goes Up and Down.

Naranasan ko na halos atakihin sa puso when I do trading. After that I promised my self not to do trading ever again.

I am a 'safety first' kind of person. So you can imagine how skeptical I am at the beginning of this venture.

Then I got to learn and read about Bro. Bo's truly Rich club.
I have read most of his books and it thought me a lot.

I was even more happy and thankful when I got to learn and be guided by His Club.
Friends, I'm telling you it helped me a lot. Not just on Stock Market but in life and spirituality.
I got to share all the reading materials and power talks to my husband. We listen to it and discussed things that matters to us and for our future.
I got to received a daily God Whisper, which I read every morning to start my day.

I am not a religious person nor a Stock Market expert but I wanted to share this for you, my friend, to be financially educated and to get that financial freedom that we wanted when we retired.

Sabi nga nila you cannot give what you do not have.
And it really hurt us when someone is asking for your help and you can't do anything because you are also helpless.

Let me end this by sharing this from Bro. Bo's "You Can Make Your Life Beautiful"


Be guided just like me. Let us prepare for our future and for the future of our kids.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Where have I been?


Welcome back paolotte!

It was just yesterday when one of my office friends ask me about my blog site that he used to read back then. Reality hits me, I haven't been writing for quite sometime.

My last entry on august 4, 2014 was about by enterpreneur side, and yes I was able to pull it off.
We renamed the online shop to Jill And Co. we have some followers and have some clients since then. I will talk about it some other time. In another entry perhaps. But if you have time please please please like our page and try our services.

Where have I been for the past months, let's have a recap...

Well most of the weekends me and my husband head back to Bulacan to be with our Princess.
During weekdays we go to work, do some errands and living a normal life.
During lunch time I normally go to a Nutrition Center (Herbalife). I will talk about it on another entry.
I have met new people and have wonderful memories with them.

Jillian is officially a todler, she was my inspiration and my source of hapiness, strength and joy.
Being a mom is not easy, but it was all worth it.
Being able to provide and attend to her needs is something else.

I was given a US Visa and been able to travel to San Francisco (another entry on this trip). for now you may click on the link for the album photos.

I had my first trick or treat with Jillian last year.

Attended some events... Christening, Birthday, Wedding to name a few.

Our 2014 December vacation was a blast because we're able to spend time with my Sissy Sikoletlover and her child Miko.

I've been addicted to Instagram and most of the time posted something in there.

Jillian will soon turn two (2). Oh, how time flies so fast.

I have managed to learn how to drive. Oh yes! and It was alife achievement.

Here's a reminder of the post I have to make if I have time:
1. Jill And Co.
2. Herbalife as part of my Life
3. San Francisco, CA

I would also love to make an entry on the following:
4. Investing
5. Mommy Tips
6. Thank You Viber
7. My Team
8. Be Very Happy
9. Being Married with my Best Friend
10. Na Hook ka ba sa TV
11. Driving
12. The Places I want to Go
13. Being a minimalist

Oh the list is endless....
I'll make sure to make time in making those entry. *wink*