Monday, January 21, 2013


I never get used to surprises... but every woman, I think, loved them and I sooo love every time my husband surprises me...

Last Friday night, my husband grant one of my wish (I actually made a wish list that I posted on our refrigerator door to remind him what are the things and hope I wish to receive from Santa during the last Christmas ^_^).

I wasn't expecting that I would still be receiving gifts since Christmas Season is over. Chos!

The funny part is that I wasn't able to notice his surprise when I open my closet (ako na malabo ang mata).
When I closed the closet he mumbled. I don't know what he meant by that, I thought I ruined my closet by pulling my clothes. then I opened it again and found an iPAD mini with a note on it saying: "TO: BEBE GIRL LOVE U, DADI"... I was surprised literally, and can't believe it, I was in tears when I approach him and says how surprise and happy I am.

I never thought that I will be surprise like that again, I am not that material type of girl/wife, but the fact that he put so much effort to surprise me is what I love the most.

dadi's note, my reaction and the box ^_^

To my Husband, sorry if I blogged about this, But I am just one happy wifey here! :) i love you! I'll store tons of baby stuff in here for our BEBE GIRL. :) Oh! by the way, thank you for being my number 1 reader... :) muah!


sikoletlover said...

Awwww.... kainez ka. lumabas tuloy ang inggitera haha sakit sa puso sis!

paolotte said...

ayee sis! batit naman? haha...
ang sweet ni koyang jep db?