Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Week 19 - 20: Halfway There!

Happy New Year!

My first entry for the year 2013... Hooray!

Q: Did you know that the blogger/wife/mom-to-be  just add a year to her age just before the new year?

TOP: Me, Tatay, Ann, Nanay, Noy and Cadong
BOTTOM: Dadi Jep, Me and Baby (via Ultrasound)
As we welcome 2013, I feel so blessed and lucky to celebrate it with complete family, it's been a while... and yes, the drama and the hugging and the tears will always be there! Oh well, it is not a family reunion without a little drama.

We do not have the perfect family but I'm happy with it, they made me stronger and made me who I am today. It made me appreciate life and love.

I wrote each one of them a letter (except for Dadi and Baby) stating my hopes and dreams for them. We may not have an extravagant celebration, but a complete family is enough, I just hope this will last forever... a lifetime...

Recent Picture ^_^

Today (01.09.13)  as per Baby Center Apps: Congratulations! You've hit the halfway mark in your pregnancy. 

I feel more energetic and less of the morning sickness, minsan nakakalimutan ko na preggy pala ako especially if I'm too occupied with my work. 
Baby Kicks are here and I'm feeling it. Minsan na co-confuse ako if it is just an upset stomach or if it is my baby's kick. :)
Kakaibang experience pala ang maramdaman ang unang movement ni baby inside my belly. Feeling ko he/she is joining my conversation with his/her father. :) 

We do not know the gender of our baby yet but I'm schedule to have my Congenital Scan/Ultrasound on the 17th of January... I'm sooooo excited... Hopefully the test will turn out great.  we wanted to know if everything is fine and wanted to find out if baby is a Girl or a Boy... We've been playing with names lately and we haven't decided yet, to what letter the name will start. hehehe. We want our baby's name to be simple... Kasi ayaw namin cya mahirapan mag sulat ng name nya pag nag-aaral na siya. hahaha.

Thank God for all the Blessings and 
for all the wonderful gifts (in all forms)
Happy 2013 Everyone!

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