Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week 23

Emotional. I am beginning to be. My mood swings and I am not happy about it. One of my friend tell me to think of happy thoughts for my baby's sake.

Rashes. I have some in my tummy, I just noticed them two days ago, I stop using the tummy butter, but they says it is normal to have rashes specially during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. I'll just moisturize my tummy. Urgh!

Alone.  Most of the time I am. At work, I am sitting at a corner where all I can see are cisco boxes and the wall in front of me. I feel sleepy every time I am at my work area, so I must keep my self busy at all times. I played music all of the time... BACH Orchestra is currently playing. Contrary on being alone, my baby kicks and remind me that I am not. Thank you baby! Mami loves you very much.

Work. I am still working and planning to work up until Mid of May. It exhaust me sometimes but I am glad I can still accomplish things, and I am happy about it. I am an expectant mom but I am also a career/technical woman. Haha.

Cisco. My Certification will expire by April and I don't have the luxury to study. I'm thinking of focusing in different area. Or maybe I'll re-take the CCNA exam if given the chance.

Friends. I miss them so much, the sleepless nights of talking. Catching up over coffee or 2 bottles perhaps.Sigh!

Parenthood. Soon we'll be and I am somehow scared. Can I be a good mom to my child. I'll try my very best to be. That's the plan.

Attitude. This is what matters the most. POSITIVITY! 

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