Thursday, January 17, 2013

Week 21

Congenital Scan. Scary as it sounds but it's not. 21 weeks and I was asked by OB to take the Congenital Scan and Urine Test before I see her a month after my last check up (Dec. 17, 2012). As per some of my office mates it was too early yet to take it and I maybe even asked to repeat the test during the 7th month. But I don't mind really... Taking the test will makes me feel at ease and making sure that my baby is doing fine is what's matter the most.

Had my Congenital Scan for my baby today. Luckily my husband was able to view and hear our baby for the second time (the first one was during the first ultrasound). I wanted him to be there and share the memories/experience together. We're happy to find out that there are no Physical Anomalies found, and that our baby is growing normal. We also found what we're having... and we're happy about it. :)
I'll be seeing my OB tomorrow with this result and with the result of my urine test (that I will get tomorrow).

As per the results: (sinisipag mag type ang blogger)

Congenital Anomaly Scan: Shows an intact cranium and intracranial structures. Nuchal fold not thicked. Normal facial features with intact lips and palate. Intact spines with no neck masses. Normal 4 chamber heart view. Normal outflow tracts and 3 vessels and trachea view. Intact diaphragm. Stomach bubble to the left and below the heart and diaphragm. 3 vessel cord with intact cord insertion. Normal kidneys and fluid filled bladder. Extremities complete and well aligned.

Impression: Single live intrauterine pregnancy 20w6d by composite aging in cephalic presentation with good cardiac and somatic activities. placenta anterior grade 1 totally covering the OS. Normohydramnios. Sonographic estimated fetal weight is appropriate for gestational age. No gross deformities noted.

Say Hello to our precious one... 

It's a Girl
Oh yes! We're having a GIRL... and I quote the OB "walang lawit, hiwa lang" :)

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