Monday, March 14, 2011

An Extra Ordinary Weekend

Friday afternoon, Jep and I are about to leave when a breaking news, breaks my heart.
We are watching GMANewsTV that time. A Tsunami hits Japan, after a Magnitude 9.0 earthquake.
It was as if dooms day, a very tragic scene in front of us.  I started to think of my Auntie and her family and my best friend who happened to be living and working there. 
I hurriedly call Tita Weng to ask if she's safe, it was a relief knowing that she doesn’t reside near the Coastline.
I check on Facebook, if Sikoletlover is online, and waiting for her to make a status.

I can't believe it is happening.  It was very tragic. 

As we got home at Bulacan we tune-in to CNN, BBC and every news channel just to have an update.
Good thing CNN has a coverage.  And my mother can't believe on what she's seeing.

We say a prayer for them. To keep our love one and everyone else safe.

Our weekend was filled with worries and prayers.
I feel like crying when I saw pictures of the aftermath that was shared on FB.
Then I saw Sikolet's Blog, I somehow feel bad making joke on her, in time's like that, but what I can I do? Finding the right words to lighten/ease their burden/worry isn't easy… 

kaya mag joke muna *ulit* tayo…
I wonder… hindi kaya hinanap ng mga batang hapon si Ultraman o di kaya ay si Bioman? *wink* (Did I make you smile/laugh again?) ^__^

Kidding aside...
Let us all say a prayer for their fast recovery and to keep them all safe... to keep us all safe.
May God Bless us all.


To my Sis Sikolet,
We will always be here for you, and will always include your safety in our Prayers.
We love you sis... and we care a lot. :)

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