Monday, March 21, 2011

and we felt it here

A magnitude 5.4 earthquake hits the Philippines just this afternoon.

As per news sa tv c/o Noli de Castro magnitude 4.0 felt on Tagaytay and Batangas, 3.0 in Manila, 2.0 in Plaridel

Recently a magnitude 6.1 strike North Luzon (more)
My Experience:

I am at the 5th floor of our PQUE office nung mangyari ito. Akala ko tipikal na may nag trip lang at ginalaw yung area namin.

Do descride the feeling nung time na yun...
"para akong nasa over pass, tapos may malaking sasakyan na dumadaan"

I was grabbing my things and look into my officemate to confirm that it was an earthquake…
And oo nga… our LCD Monitors are swaying…. I was waiting for them to evacuate…
I wanted to hide under the table… pero hindi ako nag panic… kalma lang… sabi nga nung isa dito sa office
"para tayong hapon… relaks lang"

I inform my tita lhen, na ka-chat ko during that time na lumilindol. I even had a status in my FB account. :)

There's a television near our area, so we tuned in to news to find out what happened.

Let us all pray!
Be ready and Be safe!

A person shook the table just now, and my heart pump... akala ko earthquake na naman...

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