Saturday, August 7, 2010

tara na byahe tayo.

on my fourth entry I will share with you the places that we visited so far...

Baguio 2 years ago.

The summer capital of the Philippines, we went here around December 2008.
First time kong ma experience mag boating sa Burnham Park.
Second time na namin together dito, the first was during our College days.

Last year (2009)

Villa Escudero
My housemate invite us to join their company outing... so there we go.
I super enjoy the meal here...

Ilocos, Norte
a very meaningful travel for both of us. :) 
we visited the kapurpurawan white rock formation,
the bagui wind mill, burgos lighthouse and so many stop over to take pictures of the beautiful stretch of Luzon

kapurpurawan white rock formation
Heading back to Manila we had a stop over at Vigan and have dinner at Cafe Leona, buy some souvenir and roam around... 
So old, I feel like 70's

That same year we also visited Bohol. 

Man Made forest
We love Chocolate Hills
Bohol has a lot to offer, not like other tourist destination in the Philippines.
It has the beach, the nature and the adventure.

Loboc River, Bohol Bee Farm, Chocolate Hills, Butterfly Sanctuary, Old Churches, Hinagdanan Cave, Panglao Island, Balicasag Island, Virgin Island to name a few.

Virgin Island
There is a lot of things to do, that our 3D2N stay is not enough. We will definitely be back here for sure!

This year...

In celebration of our 10th anniversary we go to bora, we just enjoy the beach and it's kinda 'bitin'. 
Hopefully makabalik kami dito wth friends so we can enjoy different water sports/adventure together.


That's it so far... I'm looking forward to Batanes! Hopefully maka-punta kmi dun. :)


sikoletlover said...

can't wait to travel with you guys! we should do it before you go somewhere else ^_^

PaoLotte said...

yup yup! sana matuloy rin. :)