Friday, August 26, 2011

Sky Experience Adventure - Cebu

We tried this Sky Experience at Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. When we are in cebu last week end.

We availed the 950/pax Package that is inclusive of Entrance, 2 Rides, 4D and Buffet Dinner + Souveneirs (Sky Fiestaventure Dinner Buffet)
Located at the 38th floor of the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers... 

Edge Coaster
The Ride will last for only a few minutes, pero nakakalula kapag tumingin ka sa baba...
So, ang teknik sabi ng akong asawa e... tumingin sa malayo! ;)

Reminders: Camera's and other things are not allowed.
Located at the 37th floor
Before we go out and walk...
Striking a *sweet* couple pose
This shot was really nice, because it captured the fuente osmena circle and the cebu capitol :)

Hindi ko kayang gumilid pa ng konti
It was indeed a walk to remember... buti na lang I was with my husband... I almost had his hand with me the whole walk.

Collage Version
Camera's and other stuffs are not allowed to bring outside, jewelries are even advised to be removed.  They have this safety locker to be provided for free.

For those who wants to try this, be sure to bring a sneakers/shoes or else you have to buy a socks, shoes to be used will be provided, but I'm not a fan of using shoes that aren't mine. (ako na maarte) ^_^

Since it is not allowed to bring your own camera, and we do not have any other company we opt to buy those pictures.. if not for the memories I won't buy those pictures that cost 230 pesos each.

I think it would be better if they can just include the photos in the fee.

After the Skywalk, we headed to the 35th floor for the Buffet Dinner .. the food was nice and it was the only thing that we really enjoyed so far.. ahaha...

At since we're busy eating I already forgot to take some pictures! ahaha...

We ended the day with the 4D Experience, and I choose 'Don't touch my chocolate'. Nakakatawa lang kasi solo namin yung place... as in kami lang yung nanonood. haha.

Be sure to check their rates and schedule.

Our Ratings: A must try, but a bit over rated.

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