Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hubby Birthday


It was Hubby's Birthday and we woke up with a know on our door... 
It was Julia handing over this:
It was a drawing of a cake stating 'Happy Birthday Tito Jep'... we laugh and smile... 
We ask his mom if she can prepare Pansit and Liempo plus tokwa't baboy... 
So we enjoyed our cheat day (Every week end is a cheat day) ;)
I opened Jep's Smart Bill and I found this:
A bill with a Birthday Greetings!
I had a call from my mother, asking if we can go to my Lolo's house... they'll be going there also...
We prepared some pansit and liempo to take there...
When we got there we saw this:
A birthday cake from Noy and Ann and Nay.
They prepare some food to share with the whole family... yey!
The birthday celebrants enjoy his treat:
A 1 hour game with xbox... (testing muna) habang hindi pa nakakabili
We pass by the different stores... 
Uy! SALE!!! 
and the 'trigger happy... impulsive buyer' button was pressed! 
(I'm sorry my Love... ako'y NAPA na naman... NAPAgastos)

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