Friday, September 24, 2010


Some of my officemates are asking me...
Why not have a baby when you’re still young and fresh (wow ha?)
And then I started to ask myself, 
When would be the right time to have a baby?
When would I know if it’s about time?
How should I know if I am ready?

Most of my friends have their own child by now and I really want to have one.
But I don’t know for some reason… I’m afraid of having one, of all the responsibility and the sacrifices...
I keep on wondering if I can be a good mother?

I wish I can overcome of these fear and someday I hope that the Good Guy up above will bless me with a one lovable child.
That’s what I wish for.


sikoletlover said...

let's pray for that :D

PaoLotte said...

thank u sis... actually i keep on wondering kung bakit kung sino pa ung mahirap sila ung maraming anak... hmmm...
i watched power review last weekend and one of the topic is about poverty. buhay nang isang juan dela cruz... hay...