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The moment we stop trying...

Continuation of my Mixed post...

A Hint

If not for the antibiotics that I should be taking for my pharynx I wouldn't found out that I am pregnant in an early stage.
Sept 25, I went to our office clinic regarding my throat, diagnosis infected pharynx, I have a hard time swallowing foods.
The doctor gave me meds including antibiotics. Since I haven't had my period yet, I told our company doctor and she advise me to take a PT prior to taking meds, if negative I should start taking my meds, if positive I'll be back to her.

Sept 26, I took a PT early in the morning, and was surprised that the result was positive. It wasn't that clear yet for us (my husband and I) we're kinda skeptical about it and was wondering if it is a false positive.
That morning I went to our company doctor and she congratulate me and such, I was in tears while saying that the result was positive. She told me to take folic acid right away and have a PT re-test after 5days.

Sept 28, I can no longer wait for the 5days, my period doesn't arrive so I took the test again, the result: positive again.

It was clear to me that I might really be pregnant, and based on our computation based on my LMP, I'm 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant during that time. She advise me to take an ultrasound if I'm on my 8th week of pregnancy and advise when to do my prenatal check up.

We haven't talk to someone to spread the good news, we want a proof of life first.

Since my sister is a nurse, I can't hide anything and due to my curiosity I told her to keep the secret. Until such time that I already have the ultrasound and confirmed that I am really pregnant.

There are only few key person, who knows about by situation. We want to keep my pregnancy secret and quiet since it is our first child.

Morning Sickness.

It exist! I have a hard time waking up in the morning, having headache, feeling bloated most of the time and the feeling of throwing up. The need for more sleep… and taking that powerful nap all the time.
I have a new nickname… MASAN… MASANdal tulog!

First Prenatal Check Up

Last Saturday, October 13 I went to Makati Medical Center together with my hubby to look for an OB for my prenatal Care, we ended up with Dra. Zeanath Palala. She did some questioning and family history., and whola…  We found our selves waiting for my ultrasound at New World Laboratory near Makati Med,
TVU inside Makati Med cost Php2000+ so my OB advise to go to New World Lab since it is much cheaper, TVU cost Php600 there, lucky us our OB knows that we're on a budget. Why? Because I am using my husbands health card (AVEGA) for my check ups.

Other test that she wants me to do are the following:
Urine --> done +MMC
Blood works (CBC, blood typing with Rh factor, Gct R, Rubella, Anti-hbs R, Hbsag R, Vdrl) It cost me Php 1705,
Varicella IgG --> +MCC

I'll be meeting her again after 2 weeks with the results of my exam.

My Ultrasound experience.

We waited for 2 hrs before my turn, since there's a lot of moms to be on the line.
When my name was called I headed to the room and get ready for the TVU, they called my husband so he can also see what's inside me.
I was amazed by the fact that there is a tiny thing inside me, even amazed when she let us hear her heartbeat.
My husband forgot to took a picture, I even advise him to take a video… he was just standing there and looking at the monitor, I would never know how he feels. :)
As per the doctor the ultrasound shows that the embryo is fine, normal and have a heartbeat of 177bpm.
We're so amazed by the fact that, that tiny thing has a heartbeat…

This is really happening.

The OB advised me to continue taking my folic acid and have a multivitamins also, she recommend OB Smart, so we bought it on the way home.
My first ultra sound, the 2 positive PT and my Healthcare Guidebook
 Taking my Meds.

I have no problem taking folic acid everyday, but the OBSmart Capsule is killing me. It was so huge I really have a hard time swallowing it.
I should think of a plan how to take this gigantic supplement. Grrrr. If not for my baby I wouldn't mind taking supplements… Ugh!

Spreading the News.

Oct. 14, 2012
Since there is a proof of life, it's about time to share the good news with my family…
I asked my Sister to open the Skype, (travelling now a days, even going home to Bulacan get's me tired).
I told my parents that they're about to be Lolo and Mamita soon. They are happy and worried for me, my father even advise me not to move much and always take care of my self.
My Brother Noy and Sister Ann was cheering from the background as if they won the lottery.
I guess they really waited that much for this moment.

Sharing the good news with family is rewarding.

I was in tears when I was showing the ultrasound to them… I even told them that I have this fear… Fear of giving birth.
But I know soon enough I 'll conquer this feeling and be ready for the big day. Way to go! 226more days!

Do's and Don't
Take folic acid and multivitamins
Sleep more
Peppermint Tea
Hypo Allergenic Products
Use any whitening product
Color/Treated hair

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