Thursday, October 25, 2012

Week 9

As per my iPhone Apps, baby is 9 weeks and 1 day today.
I don't feel much that difference yet, I can still walk fast and do household chores.
Though getting up in the morning is a hard thing to do.
I'm about to visit my OB this Saturday, but since it's a long weekend here in the Philippines this week, goodluck on my Schedule.

I'm not planning on our last diaper free vacation yet, (baka last na yung Boracay namin nung Birthday ni Hubby.) aw!

Hmmm... I have tons of question running in my mind... lots of hopes and dreams for my baby.

I just finished watching "What to expect when your expecting" and I wanted to read the book also. I hope I can buy sometime to go to the bookstore.

I want to have a normal delivery when my time comes... Sana makayanan ko!

I hope I can take my multivatamins without the need to squeeze out the filling inside the capsule, kasi tinitiis ko lang yung lasa kasi nalalasahan yung lansa dun sa meds. Then I'll get to swallow the rest of the capsule after. wah!

Some of my office friends are calling Buntis nowadays, I just smiled back. :)

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