Thursday, April 28, 2011

Health Buff!

When you think that you're healthy... you're not! :)

I always thought that I just need to get rid of my fluffy tummy... but to find out that I am High Blood? OMG
Feeling ko napaka bata ko pa para maging HB.
April 13 ... I complained to be having a headache and backpain, then our company doctor advise me to have my BP checked. and to her surprise that was 140/80. Then she hand over a BP Monitoring Diary. She said I need to monitor my BP for 10 times (every other day) and be back to her after that.

my BP Monitoring Diary

Then I told my self I have to lessen my cholesterol intake... and have healthy life, and seriously exercise and have a high fiber diet.

April 25 when daddy and I started to jog every after office, then we lessen our rice in-take.

We normally have wheat bread+coffee for breakfast, pasta/rice for lunch, and nesvita for dinner. :)
Last Tuesday (Apr26) i made a fresh green salad with tuna and mayo, that serves our breakfast and dinner. :)

I'm starting to get used to it.... Last time I checked my BP it was 120/80. The nurse says it's normal, but I want to have 110/80 BP.

I'll jog more, i'll exercise more and eat less my carb intake. :) *aja* we can do this! ^_^

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sikoletlover said...

sis natakot ako sa 140/80 na BP mo. ako naman e low blood. 110/60. pero kapag napuyat nagiging 110/50 with matching hilo na yun :|