Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Jep and I finally tie the knot last Dec 18, 2010 after 10years 5months and 3days of being together.

Our first plan is to have an intimate Church wedding, but due to some circumstances we opt to have a civil wedding...

The ceremony was held at the Mayor's Office

during the ceremony

with Mayor/Ninong Christian Natividad

with our ninong + ninang
We held the reception at Max's Malolos with our family (35 persons us included)

the reception
the presidential table

our wedding cake + souveneir
(jep and I prepare wine for our ninong/ninang)
a picture with our cake ^_^

with lolo+lola, nanay and jep's niece (maru)
We really appreciate Lolo's effort on arranging the date of our wedding... A normal mayor's office doesn't held wedding ceremony during weekends... But since we're special.. he manage to have the date we wanted... :)

A BIG thanks lolo! we love you... :)

with my family (noy, ann and nanay)

the Reyes'
We can't thank them enough for being part of our special day...  
And for their 'OK' when we said that we're getting married... :)

with our official photographer 'BASURAMAN'
We're truly blessed being surrounded by friends who understand us... and are happy for our union...

and now we are one... :)
it's been 18 days, and yet we're still receiving 'Congratulations' especially on facebook, where I posted some pictures...

It's not a secret wedding... we just kept it within the family... :) hehehe.

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