Thursday, December 6, 2012

Week 15

I supposed to meet my OB last Saturday (Dec 1) but I can't find a clinic that can undergo an ultrasound... Ayun naman pala.. all of the Sonologist are gone for a convention and even my OB is in there to so the check up and ultra sound was rescheduled on Monday.

Came Monday, I went to the lab for my Pelvic Ultrasound, surprisingly the one who's doing my Ultrasound is my OB, I feel kinda attached to her somehow. She did the Pelvic Ultrasound and she's telling me what she sees, unfortunately she can't tell if I'm having a boy or a girl yet, maybe it is still too early. Baby is fine and I had no more bleeding, though my OB still have to check me thru TVU since she can't see my placenta via Pelvic Ultrasound, and then she found out that my placenta is kinda naka harang agad sa Cervix and I should still be careful para maiwasan at hindi na ulit ako mag Bleed.

When I was looking at my baby, i can see his/her legs, arms, nose, lips, eyes and forehead, my OB even show me his/her spine.

Too bad, Dadi Jep was not there to witness his child moving inside me, maybe next time. Hindi kasi umabot si dadi... paglabas ko ng clinic there He was sitting and waiting outside. (sayang much). The last time that he's with me during the ultrasound, baby is still a tiny embryo, now baby is a fetus na.

Recent Baby Picture ^_^
My OB advise me to start taking CALCIUMade and take Duvadilan if needed.

~Sana maging OK na ang lahat during the rest of my pregnancy.

Tuesday (Dec 4) I started to report for work.

Christmas is near and I don't have the luxury of going to the mall to do some shopping... Urgh!

BTW, due to my condition, Dadi Jep and I decided to spend the rest of the Holiday together at Home in our pad at Makati, para less hassle for me on travelling and for me to avoid that Holiday Rush. Also, this will be our last Holiday as a couple since next year we'll be celebrating it together with our Baby...

Hooray! For family life... and for the gift of life and love that God is Showering over us...

Thanks for your time reading my entry... God Bless.

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