Friday, September 7, 2012

hubby hubby birthday

My Super Enjoy Husband! :)
Celebrating Jep's Birthday on a stormy weather yet exciting Boracay. ^_^

We are thankful that we landed safe and sound at the Caticlan Airport after that bumpy ride. Tapos pag labas ng airport biglang buhos ang malakas na ulan. lucky us.

Instead of being dismayed, i-enjoy na lang ang kakaibang boracay experience na ito... 

Hindi pa man kami nag swimming basa na kami... 

All of our plans are altered because of the weather... but it's ok. The important thing is that we can relax, and have the time for each other and that is what matters the most.

We can't do parasailing and other water sports, so we ended up on Helmet Diving.

The water is quite calm in Balabog beach, so no worry. Ang tapang ko lang mag helmet dive... nakaka kaba at first, pero enjoy naman na pag nasa baba ka na at may mga fish na sa paligid... though i prefer snorkeling pa rin. 

sabi nga nila you do not pay for the ride... you pay for the experience. it was worth the try. with free pictures and video not bad. ^_^

Helmet Diving


birthday boy under the sea...
Walang kwenta ang birthday kung walang kainan... kaya nag paka busog kami sa loob ng 4 na araw na ipinamalagi namin sa isla.


Tuna Sandwich and Hamburger

Crabs and fruits ang dami kong nakain na crabs... pramis!
c/o Dinner Buffet at Deparis Beach Report

Lunch at Boracay Regency, MESA

Our Platter... oh i love sea foods!

Bongang Manggang Hilaw! Asim!
(nangangasim ako habang nag  blog ngayon!)

Two Bottles Session with inihaw na isaw at bbq

I wanna eat those lobster!

Mexican Platter 

Starbucks Coffee ala Boracay

Jony's Shake for take out

Enjoying the view and the sunset while having his shake
Hindi ko na na picturan ang iba pang food na chinibog namin... na dahil sa gutom ay naubos agad... *wink*

Two happy persons in the world...

The View...
Willy's Rock that I love.
Sunset finally.

 And Lastly... Happy Birthday dadi ko... haylabu berimats
No candle to blow... but a memory worth remembering
So? babalik pa ba kami sa Bora... oo naman!

Pahabol... if ever one of you went to bora, let's just not enjoy the beach... let's also take time to consider helping the environment by simply picking up garbage that we see while walking along the stretch of Boracay.
let's help them save the island. better yet, wag na rin tayong magkalat while visiting this beautiful place.


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