Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Yes it is!

Since it is Valentine’s Day today, I would like to write something about love…

Our own love story… (My side of the story...)

It started on year 2000, last month of the second semester.
I haven't notice him, until we became group mates for a Stage Play in a Filipino Class.
I already forgot the title of our presentation, but in that particular presentation, I play the role of being his fiancée.
For no reason at all, just before the play started, he whispered to me, 'let's make it look real'.
I don’t know what it means, but I did my part on the play, the play went well and ended with our grades so high.

There after we became friends… close friend.
Summer had past, we remain friends. I knew deep inside me, I really like him… a lot.

We had this summer swimming with our friends and I was so happy to see him. I didn’t expect him to be there… but there he was… I can still remember that we had this moment together talking… I don’t know if he knew that I like him, all I know is that I am happy to be with him. Being his friend is enough for me.

Came July 2000, we're invited to attend our friends 18th Birthday. I am not sure if I can come, my parents may not allow me.

Jep then is insisting for me to come. I, who is so into him tried my best to gain permission from my father, and to my surprise, he allow me to go. I was so happy, really happy.

Jep offers to pick me up at Jollibee Malolos, since I am not familiar with Che's place (the debutant).
I was in my sneakers and shorts, it was raining and my clothes for the party are in my bag and I have this paper bag with my other things.
He was there sitting with an umbrella covering this bouquet of red roses.
I know it wasn't for me maybe he had pickup flowers for Che. Then, he asked me if he can put it in my paper bag, and I said 'sure' (basta siya ang mag dadala)

On our way to Che's Place, my heart is beating real fast it was as if I am with my Prince. :)

When I am with my Girlfriends preparing for the party, they are asking me to where the flowers came from, I said it wasn't mine, Jep just put it there, and maybe it is for Che, since it is her Birthday.

On the party I wore this shirts with Japanese Prints meaning Best Friend, I was about to ask Jep, if he can be my best friend. That was my plan… I wanted him to be my best friend, not because I like him, just for the reason that I trust him.

Jep sat beside me with the flowers with him; I was really thinking it is for the Debutant.

The ceremony started I am one of the 18 Gifts; He is one of the 18 Roses.
He doesn’t hand over the flowers to Che during the dance and I get confused.
When he sit back next to me he gave me the flowers, I asked why? It wasn't my birthday anyway; I thought it was for the Celebrant,
And he said 'take it, it's a sign of my love for you'

My hearts beats faster, and I don’t know what to say, I was really caught by surprise.
I don't even get the chance to ask him if he can be my best friend…
He had a greater plan, and I love it.

I was even asking my friend Feby to pinch me, am I dreaming?
Not in my wildest dream that I can think that the guy I like will confess his love for me.

He told me that he's not asking for an answer right away, but I don’t want to be hypocrite to say no, how can I say no to a person that I know I can trust, and I know can be there for me.

I handed over the flowers to him, he thought that I don’t like it, He asked why?
And I said 'it is also the sign of my love for you.'

Right there, raining, and partying, I became her girl. I even get my first dance with him.

I would never forget the night of July 15, 2000. Maybe faith really put us together.

But in the end, it is our decision to be together…
A decision to love… And open our heart to someone…

We're not the traditional couple who started into courting; the courting period starts that night, after I handed over the flowers he gave me.

We could have done it the other way around but I am not sure if it would turn out this great.

He's been courting me for 10 years of being together, and He had my Strong 'Yes' when he asked me that night of July 15, 2010 to be his wife.

Our story may sound plain and simple to others, but it is my Great Love Story.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone.

I really love this Picture!


sikoletlover said...

believe it or kinilig ako! with matching goosebumps ;)

paolotte said...

sis, I even emailed it first to Jep, before posting it here! :)
reminiscing about the past is the best!