Wednesday, October 13, 2010

i want... i want...

Ever since hirap na akong makahanap ng perfect shoes for my not so big feet... Size 34 to be exact (in between teens & lady)
I really want to have
<---- this kind of shoes, i just don't know where to find one.
I just found this while browsing the net.
I actually  found size 34 shoes and sandals at the Mall but they are of high heels and I'm totally not a fan of high heels even I'am small. I want the comfy feeling I get every time I'm wearing flats. :)

I am thankful that beeonebeetwo allows me to buy and eat this kind of chocolate.

Though in moderation of course. *wink*

I really love Cadbury ^_^

I really really like (lililili-like) this Tiffany & Co. Bracelet

I lost the one that my mom gave me when she came back from japan.

OMG it is worth $290
I can't afford it!!!

thinking about gift... anyone? wahahaha

I heart nicko a.k.a niki's girly strap.
I had this free with the camera.
Actually it was my tita who bought it for me
but it was beeonebeetwo that will pay for it
then basuraman made it possible to reach the pilipins.
nicko's birth was kinda complicated but I thank everyone who made it possible.

lastly... (for this post only ^_^)
i want to have a picture of me while working...

can anyone see where I am at 
<--- this picture?


In life there are things that we can have and we cannot have...
But we should all be thankful for everything, big or small... everything counts... :)

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